About Us

Hi, I'm Ashlie, founder, creator and sewist!
KennedySprouts caters to thoughtful shoppers who appreciate handmade, quality clothing that are built to last. I strive for unique designs and top-quality pieces you just can’t find anywhere else. I am always looking for fresh ideas and options that will last, with a goal of slow, sustainable fashion. Founded in 2022, I am proud to be a able to offer quality clothing that can be loved long-term. 

My Family

Located in Pateros, WA we get to enjoy the hot summers and cold winters with beautiful views of the Columbia and Methow Rivers. My husband, Andreas, and I have lived here since 2017 and have made it our forever home. Originally from Spokane, WA we were looking for a change and to create a place to grow our family. We stay busy with our son, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 4 chickens, reptiles, houseplants, gardens and more hobbies than we ever thought.

Why I Started Sewing Clothing

I started sewing clothes in early 2021, shortly after our son was born. Wyatt was born with craniosynostosis (a fused skull suture) that required surgery when he was 1 year old. Before and after his surgery he has needed a bit larger neck opening in his shirts and sweaters, being able to sew his clothes gave me the option to make clothes comfortable and fitting. He is my main product tester, model, and has started picking out his own fabrics!

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